From the EYES Of…Lori Michelle, wears all hats, all world woman

Lori Michelle (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


CIBOLO, Texas – It’s no secret, at least to the administration at the PRESS that a Miss Lori Michelle is a valued asset.

Without any real prompting, Michelle decided to help the new site help get set up and because of her efforts she made the Summer 150 Tour take off.

Yet, this is just who this woman is. She wears many hats, wears them well, and sometimes puts on too many without complaint.

“I am the managing editor of Dark Eclipse monthly e-mag from Dark Moon Books and recently got promoted to managing editor of Dark Moon Digest Horror Quarterly,” Michelle said. “However, as an author, my book, Dual Harvest, was recently picked up for publication at Rainstorm Press.”

Now deep breath…continue.

She also works as a bookkeeper/IT tech/marketer for a real estate company, while being an artistic director for a dance studio.

Throw in a mother for two kids and Michelle is basically Mrs. McGyver.

“I don’t have time for hobbies,” she admitted. “Come on now!”

She has come a long way from showing off her moves on the big stage.

Dark Moon Books is just one of the endeavors, Lori Michelle lends a powerful and talented hand (courtesy art)

“Iused to be a professional dancer, not a stripper, a ballerina you perverts,” Michelle shared. “When I injured my knee, I knew I would never dance again.  So, when I was in college, I actually took creative writing as an English credit, since I knew if I had to read the Epic of Gilgamesh or Beowulf again, I would puke.  We had to write a short story and the professor was impressed. After that, I found an online writing group and I found that writing had just become a different extension of my dancing.”

So instead of making impressive moves on the stage with her feet, her fingers tickled pen and paper – and later keyboards – to create an imaginative rhythm within the auditorium of her mind, when she finds time.

“It is very difficult,” Michelle said. “Especially since I am a single mom. I am lucky enough to be able to write at work some at lunch. But yeah I try to do the Nanowrimo every year just to keep myself motivated.”

With all her works at play she does find plenty of little victories.

“The most rewarding thing is I see a creation that came out of my mind and it has the ability to give other people a way to see my vision,” she said. “I would like to be someone that when you say Lori Michelle, someone else goes, ‘I love her books.’ That means I have done something that others have taken notice of.”

Being a creative writer for the past six years and has been with Dark Moon since last year when she answered an ad for a needed editor.

“I told him I wasn’t much for story coaching, since I know a lot of others better than me, but his website needed help and that was my area of expertise,” Michelle said. “One thing led to another, and I became responsible for putting together the html and css code for the e-mag.  Then he started sending me final proofs of books to look over.  In March, I was handed the reins of Dark Moon Digest Horror Quarterly; my first issue of being in charge (was expected to come out this month).”

What else could be on the horizon for Michelle could include a piece that strikes a chord close to her heart.

“Recently I had an idea about putting together a book where proceeds would go to a charity that helped Leukemia patients and their families,” she said. “That idea seemed to blossom, so apparently I have been put in charge of that.  My own son was diagnosed last year with ALL Leukemia, and will continue to undergo chemotherapy treatments until March 2014. Anyone interested in writing or drawing should find me on FaceBook and I will add you into the group.  Anyone interested in donating time or money or simply interested in the book should follow my blog for information.”



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