From the EYES Of…Alan Tucker, stuck to it, got ‘er done

Author Alan Tucker and his dog Penny (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


BILLINGS, Mont. – He is a man who has written all his life, but always hit that stumbling block many of his ilk run across:

Alan Tucker could not finish a book he started on.

“I’ve written most of my life — stories, poems, advertising copy, you name it — and had even started a couple of novels along the way, but had never finished one,” Tucker said. “Then, in the summer of 2009, my daughters were off in California, visiting their mother, and I found myself with some uninterrupted time. I began playing with a few ideas I’d had rolling around in my noggin’ for a while and, about four months later, I had a first draft completed. I set out simply to write a story that I’d enjoy reading, and hoped my kids would like it too.”

The first book, A Measure of Disorder, was published in 2010. A Cure for Chaos followed in 2011, and earlier this year, Mother’s Heart completed Tucker’s Mother-Earth series.

Not a bad run of finishing what he started for Tucker, a graphic designer with his company MAD Design Inc. He also commits half of his work time to writing and is father to two daughters and his dog, Penny.

Throw in some youth soccer coaching for the past two decades and Tucker has run the gamut of different areas to involve himself in.

“Paying work has to come first,” Tucker said. “Now that I have three books out in the marketplace, I’m starting to get some traction with readers, but it’s not nearly enough yet to drop my other sources of income. I enjoy both writing and graphic design, so I feel blessed to be doing things that I find gratifying to earn a living.”

Believing desire is the key component for a “best” product and a willingness to learn, Tucker believe in some vein his success has already been cemented.

“Emotionally, I feel like I’m already a success,” Tucker said. “I’ve reached readers who don’t know me from Adam, who have been entertained by the stories I’ve written.

“By far, the most rewarding thing is having a complete stranger either leave a glowing review or send a fan letter saying how much they’ve enjoyed the stories,” he added. “Knowing that you’ve affected someone’s life in a positive way like your favorite authors did for you growing up is a fantastic feeling,” Tucker said. “Finding a balance between getting the word out about yourself and your work, and not coming across as obnoxious is a difficult line to walk. I hope I haven’t lost too many friends during my journey to find that line.”

Check out one of the works of Alan Tucker (courtesy art)

His friends must not have too many issues with Tucker’s endeavors considering they helped him in the early stages of feeling himself around the profession.

“While I was working on the first book, I sent the pieces of it as I got them finished to my best friend’s daughter to read,” Tucker said. “Her love of the story and boundless enthusiasm really gave me the incentive.”

Now that his first series is complete, Tucker has some new ideas in store for his followers.

“I’m currently working on a new series called Tales of Uncertainty about a nineteen-year-old high school dropout named Darius Arthur Heisenberg, who gets recruited to work for a group of beings known as the Keepers,” Tucker shared with the PRESS. “His unpredictable adventures through time and space should begin sometime late this year if all goes as planned. The first volume is tentatively titled Threads of Fate and I’m very excited about these stories.”

As he continues to plug along as a new author Tucker just wants to do right by his readers.

“I write to entertain, first and foremost,” he said. “If social issues get dealt with along the way, all the better, but I don’t set out to preach or persuade anyone to my viewpoints. I simply want people to enjoy the stories and have an escape from the ordinary for the time they read. If I accomplish that, I’ve succeeded and I’ll try to do the same again with the next story I write.”


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